Optimizor Premium Dog Food Chicken & Rice 40kg


Product Description

Optimizor Premium Adult with chicken and rice, now with 23% protein, is a high-quality dog food specially formulated for active dogs. Our resident animal nutritionist and veterinarian has ensured a balanced formula of high-quality poultry meal and rice, together with VitaCARE, all to ensure optimal levels of protein for strong muscles and promote a healthy immune system.

Product Information

  • Optimizor Dog food Premium is a high-quality food for South African dogs.
  • Scientifically formulated by animal nutritionist and veterinarian.
  • The Optimizor Premium range offers 20% more protein than other brands.
  • Optimizor premium builds strong muscles, while the inclusion of rice ensures optimal digestibility.
  • Exceptional quality and great value with key health benefits, at affordable prices.

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