Uvasys SO2 Sheet S/MKT 1.5kg 120x260 - 3000

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Product Description

SO2 generating sheet, protecting grapes from postharvest fungal decay, particularly Botrytis cinerea.

Product Information

  • Post harvest protection agains fungal decay, particularly Botrytis cinerea
  • Dual Release SO2 Sheet
  • At 70% relative humidity an autocatalytic reaction is initiated, whereby the sheet starts releasing a time, and concentration-varying stream of SO2
  • The Fast Release sterilizes the surface of the table grapes, by releasing a large enough dose of Sulphur dioxide over a 24 to 48 hour period to kill and eliminate any actively growing Botrytis cinerea fungal spores
  • The Slow Release layer remains active for up to 120 days, emitting a low, continual dose of Sulphur dioxide gas, concentrated enough to inhibit any superficial latent or inherent Botrytis cinerea spores from growing, but also low enough to ensure sulfite residues within the table grapes remain safely below the legal limit of 10 ppm.
  • Infection which occurred at flowering could still develop but will be contained to the affected berry

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