Q20 Q-In-One Multi-Purpose Oil 100ml

Product Description

Q-IN-ONE MULTI-PURPOSE OIL is a high-tech general purpose lubricant that cleans, protects and lubricates in all household and
special industrial applications. Q-IN-ONE MULTI-PURPOSE OIL is ideal for sewing machines, hair clippers and pneumatic tools.
Q-IN-ONE MULTI-PURPOSE OIL is silicone free and is safe to use on paint work.

Product Information

  • Product Size 100ml
  • Gross Weight 100g
  • Net Weight 90g
  • UN Number 1950
  • Country of Manufacture RSA CHARACTERISTICS
  • Colour Clear
  • Texture Liquid
  • Odour Petro
  • Temp Range / Flash Point >90°C

Technical Specifications

Warranty: 1 year

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