Felco Pruner 19 With Sprayer

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Product Description

Disease infection is not always immediately visible. The amount of time detailed inspection of every plant would require is why FELCO evolved this ingenious solution. The FELCO 19 comprises a sprayer, connected by a hose to a pair of FELCO 8 pruning shears. This efficient combination can then be connected to your belt. The spray is delivered automatically to disinfect the shears when they are closed, which avoids time consuming checks - as well as the damaging consequences of transferring diseases from one plant to another.

Product Information

The celebrated clean cut of FELCO tools is a powerful incentive to quick healing. However, the surest way to limit the risk of transferring disease from one plant to another is to invest in the FELCO 19. Connected by a hose to a pair of FELCO 8 pruning shears, the spray system disinfects the pruning shears between each cut. Once you have filled the one-litre container with disinfectant and pump-pressurised the contents, you are free to concentrate on cutting. The ergonomic design of the FELCO 8 is effectively a natural extension of your hand, and the trademark ease of use of these shears is reinforced by a convenient belt fixing for this hybrid tool. As a combination it’s a seamless solution that efficiently protects your plants, while also safeguarding the economic health of your business.

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